Rules water polo

rules water polo

The rules of water polo cover the play, procedure, equipment and officiating of water polo. These rules are similar throughout the world,  Olympic ‎: ‎Part of the Summer Olympic program. Ninh explains the Rules of Water Polo. A beginner's explanation of Water Polo Rules and how to play it. Find out about water polo. View details about how to play water polo, the history of the sport at the Olympic Games and the rules of water polo.

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Governing bodies of water polo include FINA , the international governing organisation for the rules; the NCAA rules, which govern the rules for collegiate matches in the United States; the NFHS rules which govern the rules in high schools in the USA and the IOC rules which govern the rules at Olympic events. If the shot does not score and the ball stays in play then play continues. They are not permitted to push it with their feet or genitalia. Coaches are allowed to substitute players using the re-entry rule re-entry area for exclusion foul at any time during play and of course after a goal is scored and during rest periods. Retrieved 20 September , from Dictionary. Sitemap Contact Us Disclaimer Admin.


"Water Polo Basics": How to Play Water Polo They go on the offensive as soon as the referee gives the signal to start the action. The person playing this position has a vital defensive role while also supporting their teammates when in attack. A goal is scored if the ball completely passes between the goal posts and is underneath the crossbar. This page was last edited on 19 Juneat filme free anschauen Centre Forward CF The centre forward position is on the 2m line in front of the goals. This is called cherry-picking or seagulling. rules water polo